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Dr. Sidney Garfield’s guiding principles of physician leadership, integration, and prepayment have positioned Permanente Medicine to be the best healthcare in America.

Effective leadership enables the culture and the people to achieve greatness.

Our leader must provide an environment of safety which is conducive to creative thinking. This mindset will rapidly move innovation forward.

Now during this new era, we should ask ourselves “What’s Possible?” when we harness the collective thoughts and innovation of more than 10,000 physicians across California and Mid-Atlantic.

What’s Possible? When we work together… Anything!

Thanks, Rich

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"What’s Possible"...
Design for excellence: helping TPMG realize unrivaled success.

When we focus our attention on developing and supporting exemplary physicians, we provide the best in healthcare.

This requires listening, engaging, empowering, and inspiring each of us. The key elements are advanced technology, leadership development, strategic recruitment of top-notch colleagues, and the best staff and systems. When we add continuous focus on physician wellness, fulfillment and satisfaction the outcomes will be the highest quality care, patient loyalty, continuous innovation and national recognition for our excellence.

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“Keep your arms on each other’s shoulders and keep your eyes on the stars
for innovation and change for the future.”

– Dr. Sidney Garfield, April 24, 1974.
TPMG Founding Father